Saturday's with Stef: Perfection doesn't exist...

12:00 AM

My life. My choices.

I admit, when it comes to my love life I have made some decisions that have TURNED out shitty.


All lessons are learned.

I'm not perfect and I believe in second chances.

Call me naive, call me gullible, call me a doormat....but I truly believe, that when your heart and mind AGREE on the chance, you're good to go!

I believe in laying all your cards out on the table and saying, "This is what I have? Either you are with it or not?"

All it takes is a GOOD, LONG conversation to sort out things.

You learn a lot about someone when you look into their eyes and talk things out.

At least your heart does.

I have ALWAYS been a firm believer that the BEST relationships are those who stem from friendships. Sure there are gonna be some flaws. People who say their relationship is
PERFECT" or "CLOSE TO IT" are liars. NOTHING OR NO ONE is close to or perfect. 

This past week after sorting things out, meaning my feelings, I have come to learn something about myself. As a writer, you'd think I would know this by now....but like everyone, I was blind to it. My words have hurt someone and I NEVER meant for them too. I also learned that you need to SPEAK UP.

I'm not sure who I am going to end up with. But I am looking forward to finding him, or shall I say him finding me. Hey! Maybe he's right in front of me. Someone out there will sit and watch the basketball game with me, he will have a beer with me at the end of a long day. He will think I am the most beautiful woman whether I am stuffing my face with pizza and mojos, whether I am in sweats, or have no make-up on. He'll laugh hysterically at me when I have a blond moment, but also know I am a smart cookie. He'll remember the LITTLE things about me. Like how I love the beach and especially at night. How every summer I LOVE going to the tide pools. 

He'll remember that I have ONE cheat day a week and when I do, he'll take me Shakeys and buy me a brownie....he'll lay with me and just let me be in silence on days I wanna cry. He'll know shoes and purses make me really happy but what I want the most is his loyalty, honesty, commitment, kisses and hugs.

He'll look at men with a smirk when he sees they are gawking at me yet know Im his. He'll be proud of me....REGARDLESS. And love me unconditionally because he will know he too has faults.

No one is perfect.

I'm not.

I cant wait to find my version of prince -charming. Someone who is as mighty as a lion yet gentle as a blue bird. A man who can be a man.


No one is perfect....

I rambled on huh?


I'm in a good spot right now. 


Cheers to hope and faith! 

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Kelly said...

I've been thinking about who I will wind up with a LOT lately. People have told me that as long as I am open to it (and not afraid of getting hurt) it will happen. I have no doubt that it will happen for you as well. :-)