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This woman right here, Daisy, has been the reason I am feeling this new found "I don't care" feeling.

I get so many questions in regards to my ACTIVITY. I recently shared with you guys that I got into Zumba and at first I was scared to look stupid, but I didn't feel stupid. In fact, when I don't know a move, I just do as Selena would do. Hahahahaa gotta love the washer machine!

Anyways, Zumba has not only taught me that IT'S OKAY to look silly, but the more I move, the more I feel good. Last night I walked into class not feeling so great about myself. I will NEVER be a size ZERO. I have come to terms with that fact--- I love my Tacos and Taquitos WAY TOO MUCH. I walked out feeling sexy. I know, sexy and sweaty? *Gasps* But I did. 

It made me feel good! It made me feel accomplished. 60 minutes of shaking it, winding, twerking it,moving it and jiggling it gives me a sense of confidence. 

I was so scared to try Zumba before this and now that I have tried it, poor Daisy is stuck with me! Lol. 

Point is, when it comes to losing weight MOVE! MOVE! MOVE! and pick something YOU LIKE! I LOVE Zumba. I actually look forward to Zumba with Daisy. If you do Weigh Watcher's, it gives you ACTIVITY POINTS! Wooo-hoo! Which meant I can eat that snickers! lol! 

So, with that said, if you ever wanna take a Zumba class with me and in L.A, Join me!

You can find Daisy's Schedule HERE

Do you Zumba?


safire said...

I've seen people do it and it's a lot of fun. I'm not going to lie... I dance around the house with the music on thinking it's burning calories and I enjoy myself. I really thinkg having FUN is the key to liking exercise :)

Great job doing something NEW!

Johanna said...

I LOVE zumba. My sister teaches it and I just shake my ass and enjoy. I've danced my whole life and I honestly forget that I am working out.

Here in Spain I do Latino dance classes, that are a lot like zumba. I work up such a sweat and I feel so SEXY.

B said...

I'm not a zumba girl (I like man-ly workouts like lifting weights...ha!) but in the few times I've done it, it as fun. You gotta do what you love when it comes to exercise. It makes loosing weight so much more enjoyable.

Unknown said...

Zumba is so much fun and you geta release out of it. I noticed a few mos ago when I started it that I would sleep aliot better. So now I do it 2 x per weeek and then add 2 days of high cardio like spinning or running but its def alot of fun so glad you got into it.

Roz @ weightingfor50 said...

HI Stef. I LOVE Zumba. I have a foot injury now, so can't go, but once it's fixed...I'll be back shakin' like crazy. If we're ever in the same city, lets go together. How fun would that be??? Have a great Wed.

Trina said...

I ZUMBA! Not as much as I used to, but I still attend class 1 or two nights a week. I call myself the Zumba Assassin. Back in the day I loved Zumba so mush that I posted a video of myself Zumbaing. I know I look crazy as crap, but I don't care!

When you're brave enough you should shoot a vid and post it!!

Savannah said...

I'm not a zumba girl, I'm more of a walking/biking girl! Stills sounds fun and it's good that you've found something you like!

CrazySexyCoolLove said...

Zumba is Awesome!! I love love it!!

WitchHazel said...

I Zumba at home, it's so fun ;)

Kyra said...

I am glad you have that new confidence! Everyone woman needs that. I don't Zumba, but my fear is kickboxing! I want to try it so bad, but I always worry if I will be able to lift my leg and kick. I am thinking about trying a class next week...fingers crossed!