Weight Watchers Weekly Weigh-In: I let them say what they wanna

12:00 AM

I didn't weigh-in this week. Its been a BUSY BUSY week for me and I am feeling EXTREMELY TIRED!

However, I wanted to chat about the things people say to me in regards to my weight-loss.

Those who don't follow my blog or even get to know me, ASSUME the ODDEST things about me.

A lady once asked me if I am bulimic. I totally made the o_O face. 

According to her I am CONSTANTLY eating and yet losing.


Then I when I say "No thank you" to food offered to me, people get this CRAZY notion I am starving myself.

Little do they know I scarf down tacos left and right.


Weight Watchers to be exact.

I am not bulimic

I am not anorexic

I simply count points.

On that note....This past weekend I ate HORRIBLY. Which gave me the "You're still an emotional eater Stef" tap on the shoulder.

How would I ever kick that?

Anyways, new week!

New points!

I dont care what others think...I know I am losing weight the HEALTHY way and WITHOUT depriving myself of the foods I love.


Kelly said...

I cannot stand judgmental people. It's like, yeah, I'm starving myself, that's how I got to almost 300 lbs to begin with, because I never ate anything. SMH. How about I worry about me, and you worry about you? Mkay, thanks. I've been dealing with judgmental ppl on my blog only recently. Ugh.

safire said...

I hate people who assume! At least they asked you to your face. What about those who talk behind your back yah!?

I took progress pictures because I didn't want anyone to spread a rumor that I went under the knife for lipo or what not. :)

StephieJ said...

Tell those people to FUCK OFF

Unknown said...

Keep up the great job honey and let them say or assumed whatever they want...ignorant people..seriously.

<3 Marina

Wait Until The Sunset said...

omg don't listen to ANY of them babe!!! You are so beautiful inside and out. Haters gunno hate!

Veronica Glam said...

Way to go Stef!

Danielle said...

I'm starting weight watchers actually and although I was supposed to begin last week, I also ate insanely for my birthday :/ Now I need to regain all the motivation I had before to get back on track. Anyways you look amazing and people will always assume silly things.