Saturday's with Stef: And I wait.......

12:00 AM

They say good things come to those who wait. Others will argue and say good things come to those who get up off their butt and work for it.

Ive worked hard to get where I am. I have endured many "beatings" and have walked through hell. I survived. Times I lost my life vest, I kept swimming. And when my little legs were tired, I kept them moving to stay afloat. I truly believe anything good that comes my way is because I deserve it.

I know in time my love life will fall into place and I will find a good man who makes me realzie whey it never worked out with anyone else. I have to have faith that he will accidentaly walk into my life and purposely stay. Someone who will keep this time and not throw me back because he found a girl whos prettier, thinner and better than me in every way. I have to believe he is out there in a world full of douchebags.

Someone who chooses me.

I think with summer here, the couples are out and the summer nights make me feel even more alone. No one to hold hands with, kiss, and hug anytime I want to. Someone who I can say, with sureness, loves me for me. Who will fight for me, with me, and wont ever leave my corner of the ring. Ride or die. 

As much as I love myself, I am bursting at the seams to love and be loved back. But I know, this time, God is gonna be picky. He's gonna bring me a good man. A man who doesnt care about the number on the scale. A man who doesnt care about my naked face. A man who is just so wonderful.

And I wait.


Theres nothing I can do but continue to love myself, work on myself and let the chips fall where they may.

Life is good right now.

But patiently I wait....


Sarah R said...

It is so hard to wait for the right guy when the world is full of jerky men. You're doing the right thing! You deserve a man who will adore you.

I wanna be fierce said...

Such a honest post. Love that you shared it with us. Great message at the end with loving yourself. : )


Unknown said...

such a mature and honest post stef :)

Aimeecakes said...

I empathise with this an awful lot...

Anonymous said...

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