Saturday's With Stef: TEAM THUNDER THIGHS!

12:00 AM

My thighs rub together.

Always have and most likely always will.

Losing weight doesn't mean my curves are disintegrating.

In fact, my curves are going no where!

This past week, I have ran into girl bullying. In fact, if you go back to yesterday you will see how I WAS BULLIED. But this, this other woman was picking on another woman's weight. The word "FAT" spewed out her mouth. This was a woman who CONSTANTLY went around saying, "I'm the sh#t!" -Blank stare- What came out her mouth is nothing but that. I deleted her from every social media outlet.

I don't tolerate that kind of negativity in my life. Cant and wont. 

My beautiful creamy thunder thighs ( that do have cellulite on them too mind you) rub together. I still have rolls. I still have stretch marks. SO WHAT! 

My thighs are apart of me. They clap when I run (my own personal cheerleaders) and they even out my body. They are mine. If they are fat to someone else, they are perfect to someone else.

Loving my thighs, my curves, have not always been this way. I remember being in high school and being teased about having big hips and thighs. Now I see, what I was ashamed of back then, I should have praised.


A team I am proud to be on. It makes me ME. It makes me who I am. I wouldn't have it any other way.



Savannah said...

Good for you! I'm a curvy thigh girl too and I'm finally getting over wearing shorts in front of everyone.


Anonymous said...

good for you stef! keep it going! ;-*

Kitterz said...

Your own personal cheerleaders. I think I nearly died laughing. I love how real and raw you get =)

I had an instance in HS where these two skinny girls were whispering (thinking my friend and I didn't hear them) and said how fat my friend was because her thighs touch and how theirs didn't and how they weren't fat. I looked them dead in the face and said "You have little girls bodies - just cause your thighs don't touch when you stand upright with your legs closed doesn't make you beautiful, it makes you twigs. Curves are beautiful"

I have and never will have, tolerance for bullies, esp not against my own friends.

Thunder Thighs are glorious and beautiful - I think it's the mark of a real woman... Marilyn Monroe would agree =)

Unknown said...

Stef u are too much!! 'my own personal cheerleaders' I'd never thought of mine in that way before! lol however good for you for embracing your body the way it is... Im def team Thunder Thighs and always will be! cus I will never be skinny!

Anonymous said...

Good for you stef. I have the same problem with skinny people thinking because other people have thighs and hips they are fat well guess what who cares. I rather have them then not have any at all.

Big Mark 243 said...

Hey Stef, the only people who notice that stuff are not worthy of being a part of Team Thunder Thighs!! And a real guy is not going to mind because if he is INTO you, then he is worthy of getting INSIDE of you too!

DJ BERN said...

my thighs rub too lol

Anonymous said...

They look pretty damn good to me.

Reggie said...

Very nice.