Saturday's with Stef: A Work in Progress

12:00 AM

Once again, I am going out on a limb here and posting a picture I have had to wait on and think about for a few days now. Something I am INCREDIBLY insecure about, my stomach.

But I thought, SO WHAT! Lets just get this over with.

Someone is gonna love the sh*t out of this body some day. Who wont be afraid to run his hands across and hold me. And I promise it too will happen to you, those who write me about a man never gonna love them because of thier body and what it looks like UNDER clothes.

It has taken me YEARS to do this, show you this kind of picture. Why? Because in the past I wasnt always this proud of myself. I wasnt always sure of myself. Lets face it, I went out with men who never acknowledged my effort and weightloss. Who tore me to shreds mentally and emotionally. Who chose thinner women over me. 

This is me. 

It's my shell FOR NOW. So I might as well love it. I have to live with it every single damn day of my life. Its my "work in progress." It's something I can look at in the mirror and say, "GO ME!!"

Loving yourself is thee hardest thing in the world. 

It takes a lot of strength and courage to love yourself. Most people dont. 

Love yourself.

It is one of the most greatest feelings in the world.

A love like no other.

A love so sacred that no one can even touch.

I am a work in progress....

In fact, I think I will always be.

So what I am saying to you and hoping you are reading this and memorizing is:



Anonymous said...

so proud of you stef!!! your such a beautiful person inside and out! keep it up!!!


LaaLaa said...

Keep going Babyboo your looking fantastic! xo

Jessica said...

u look fabulous doll!!l ove ittt

Unknown said...

You look great girl! I hate my body right now but like you said, it's a work in progress. You've come along way. Keep it up!! xoxoxo

Traci Marie Wolf said...

Beautiful. Great job Stef.

Stephanie said...

Gorgeous hun! You look amazing! Loving your coca cola body ;)

Kelly said...

You are beautiful. And you have the kind of courage I wish I had. I hate that area of my body, and I wish I could post a pic of it like you did. :-)

Notas de Mamá said...

You look great!

Unknown said...

Stef, you are gorgeous. keep up the good work hon!

Melissa said...

Your hard work is paying off- you look great!

MaggleBish said...

Damn, girl, you lookin' fine! Seriously, you look great. I think the work is done ;)

Style Chic 360 said...

Go girl, you look fabulous!
Keep up the great work!