Weight Watchers Weekly Weigh-In: 1/2 pound LOST

12:00 AM

1/2 pound, not bad since I was emotional all week. Damn you PMS and stress! Work is INSANE!! And my second job started and I am looking forward to running around campus once again, EXERCISE! YAY! 1/2 A POUND....In the words of my friend Steph, still a loss! I am 1 1/2 pounds away from 50 pounds! So my goal this week is just THAT! I can do it! I know I can! 


I said "No" to the extra stuff like Panera Bread, that the boss usually brings in. I also was VERY cautious about what I drank. I was so craving soda, but I opted for an unsweetened tea and right now at Jack In The Box, a Large is $1! Cant beat that! I love me some unsweetened tea!

Oh and I also went on a Hike! I got me some fitness in over the weekend! YAY!


They celebrated my birthday at work. Late, I know, but it was so nice! They got Costco pizza and cake!! Costco pizza was 18 pp each! I had TWO! I also had a slice of cake, small but ughh....I had to bring the cake home too. Its company policy/rule. Not a good look. Lol. Thank God THATS over!


I learned that loving myself is WAY more important than anything in this world. If I cant love myself, I cant love anyone else. I started a "Back to basics" and even though its only a 1/2 pound loss, I am STILL proud of myself! And loving myself was HUGE this week!


So, it is HOT still here in L.A and I wanted a slurpee. Well 7-11 came out with their Cherry Limeaide Lite slurpee! TOO DIE FOR! 

0 Points plus for 8 Ounces.

A medium slurpee is 3 pp! NOT BAD!!! Its yummy too!!!


Bronzed Humanity said...

Whoop! On a hot roll missy! It is NOT easy staying away from the stuff we crave! Good work!

Hot Pink Day
Libi & Lola

Jessica said...

good job doll.. n omg that icee looks bomb

Jessica said...

good job doll.. n omg that icee looks bomb

Fragancia said...

Awww those pictures are so nice. <3 <3

Diana said...

Happy belated b-day!! and keep up the good work! It's the small changes that will make a huge difference in the end! :)