12:00 AM

I have been thinking a lot about the ex...nothing of wanting him back, more of a "I forgive myself" for that situation.

Its taken me sometime to forgive myself. There were MANY red flags that everyone saw but me. Many times I didn't listen to my intuition/gut. Many times when I should have left, but didn't. Many times I allowed him to strip me of who I was. I miss our good times...the nights we had date nights and laughed until we almost pee'd in our pants. Nights we talked about the deepest of secrets in our souls. But sadly the bad times outweigh the good times.

I forgive myself.

A guy said something to me and it really struck a chord. "Because of HIM you never let another man get close to you." In some ways its true. Lets be honest....I cant get hurt anymore than I already have been by a man. I think the ex topped the cake with the hurt factor. This is why I am choosing to NOT date. 

This time, if a man wants me, he needs to come get me. Jump OVER the fence for me, not be on it. 

I forgive myself. 

Its a truly amazing feeling to forgive yourself after you have held yourself accountable all these years.

I think its IMPORTANT to forgive yourself.

I dunno who I will meet.

I dunno what man will be the man I finally say, "Come into my world." All I know is, I FORGIVE MYSELF.

So if you still blame yourself for something/someone....FORGIVE YOURSELF.

You are worthy of 
YOUR OWN forgiveness.


safire said...

We are our own harshest critics. I know I used to use the past as a reason why I was unhappy in the present realize it was fear that was paralyzing me.

Extremely honest and heartfelt post :) love it

HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND~ you look amazing.

Wait Until The Sunset said...

a very inspiring post to read Stef! xx

And OMG you look so amazing!!!

Miss Behind These Blue Eyes said...

An awesome post! Something that I needed reminding, you always do great at that Stef! Keep it up :) xx