My Every Day Look & Some Questions Answered

12:00 AM

I get asked three questions:

1. How long does it take to do your makeup?
2. Do you contour face?
3. What are the EXACT product you use?

I will ANSWER these questions!

1. I only spend 5 minutes on the look above. I have NEVER been the girl who spends more than 10 on their makeup! An hour is ridiculous to me.

2. No I do not. I think I have AMAZING bone structure as it is. I did a contour post and my friend Steph and I discussed the post and she and I agree, I don't need to contour.

You can find that contour post/review here

3. I will show you!

Hope that helps some of you! and if you ever wanna ask me anything feel free to email me at

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Savannah said...

You are so pretty! I also love Falsies mascara. So good!

Big Mark 243 said...

I agree with Savannah... you are sooo pretty..!

Jessica said...

your gorgeous sweetie and you need no makeup at all