Appetizing Lingerie for Curvy Ladies

12:00 AM

Selecting the right lingerie for a significant affair can be a challenge, particularly if you are a voluptuous woman with curves. For any woman, finding sexy nightwear that fits you well and make you feel beautiful and hot can be a major challenge, however, for women with ample bodies, this can be difficult because not many lingerie designers make pieces that appeal to women with substantial figures. Lingerie gives us the chance to switch up our typical sexual routines or step outside of our usual selves, so obtaining the ideal outfit to entice your partner requires some serious shopping around. Here’s a guide to finding the right type of lingerie that is seductive and looks amazing on your body.

Brasseries and Bottoms

A bra and knicker combo is a safe and simple lingerie choice, and there are an assortment of brasserie and bottom outfits that you can throw together to create a sizzling, sexy ensemble. Naturally, a matching bra and bottom set may seem like the best option because of they are typically sold as sets, making them easier to shop for. However, much like swim attire, you can add some sass and spice up your outfit by mixing contrasting brasseries and knickers. Pair your sweet and girly side with something cheeky and racy by blending coquettish garments with naughty, somewhat raunchy contrasting pieces. Add some provocative accessories like frilly bloomers with suspenders or a fitted blazer. Or go with just a steamy, sensuous bra with a pair of your partner’s boxers or briefs or panties. Perhaps you want to take the sex factor even further by sporting just one of the two items, a smile, and some women’s toys at Adam and Eve from Adam and Eve. Either way, the brassiere and bottom medley is sure to entice your lover.

Corsets and Camisoles

A provocative corset or seductive tank can make any night memorable. The best thing about wearing a lovely corset and cami is that they suit almost any body type. No matter if you're voluptuous and curvy or petite with a small-framed, there is a corset or spicy tank that will surely flatter your body. Opt for a satin corset that can transform any figure into an hourglass shape because of its steel boning, structure, and lace-up back or front. If you're looking for something that’s a little more sweet than saucy, go with a cute, lacey cami or baby doll lingerie dress in a soft, pastel colour. Introduce some flavor by integrating garters and thigh highs or school girl knee highs in brilliant, bold colours.

Pasties and Tassels

Want to go for a really charming, but alluring look? As a smoking hot curvaceous woman, it’s essential that you draw attention to your biggest and best assets. If you are a busty lady, put your bosoms on display with some tempting, erotic nipple covers. The excellent thing about these breast ornaments is that they come in various materials such as satin and leather, and contain details like rhinestones. They can also easily be paired up with any piece of lingerie, including bootylicious shorts or panties. No matter what pasties or tassels you choose to bear, your significant other is sure to be both pleased and impressed.

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