REVIEW + GIVEAWAY : Scünci 2013 trend collection

12:00 AM

Spring is here and I got the awesome opportunity to review the Scünci 2013 trend collection. 

I love Spring and anything to fancy my bun or curly hair up, is always a PLUS!

The new trend collection includes a variety of bejeweled and colorful bobby pins, hair bands, barrettes, hair ties, and claw clips. 

Available at drug and mass retailers for an average retail price of $2.99-$5.99. 

Shall we get into the review? I think we shall!

Large Jewel Headband

This Large Jewel Headband reminded me of Gossip Girl and to be exact Blair! It was Manhattan meets L.A chic to me! I loved this headband because sometimes I wear one color dresses and this is the perfect accent to any outfit! The headband didn't even give me a headache or caused my head any pressure!

Mixed Pearl/Stone Fashion Bobby Slides and Snap Clips

I really loved these! These still reminded me of NY and Audrey Hepburn. It gave my bun that pretty effect and made me feel pretty & dainty! So pretty and didn't pull my hair when I took them off. Which is ALWAYS a PLUS!

Faux Suede Bow Bobby Pins

These were just so adorable and made me feel like a total girly-girl. They were PERFECT for my bun! It made my outfit look cute too. It didn't pull my hair or even get lost in my wild tame! Most bobby-pins get stuck, these didn't. So that was another HUGE plus!

So now that you got the 411 on these awesome accessories, It's GIVEAWAY time!

ONE lucky reader will receive ONE item from the three pieces I reviewed. Remember, it's ONE item out of the three I just reviewed and that alone is awesome! 

Just enter below! Contest ends May 30th! So hurry and enter!

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