SATURDAY'S WITH STEF: My Grandma Taught Me....

12:00 AM

My grandma is staying with us and as I pass her each time I go downstairs, we chuckle. Its nice to have her here. The stories, the laughter and the "Oh! That's where I get that from!" makes my day.

As weird as this sounds, I cant wait to grow old like her. Maybe not entirely, but if I end up alone at her age, I would want to be like her.

She's happy alone.

She thinks it's awesome because SHE MAKES HERSELF HAPPY.

Not too many can make themselves happy.

At 27 I finding out what that FULLY means. I am learning to SAVE myself. 

Maybe I am my own knight and shining armor.

Maybe I am my own prince charming.

Sure I want to grow old with someone. I want to have someone.

But lets face, there's a possibility that I may end up alone.

Maybe ending up alone is my fairytale...maybe it's not.

I'm over here dating and having the time of my life, but truthfully, Only God knows whats gonna happen.

She makes herself happy.

Isn't it funny, out of all things she has ever taught me, this one sticks to me.


Making myself happy is interesting. It's exciting and well, it rather amusing.

So point is:


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Unknown said...

Every time I you post pics of your Grandma Stef, I think of my own that is now in Heaven. Cherish her, love her, and enjoy all the laughs and lessons that she brings to your life. I know I did when my Grandma was alive and I look to those moments for comfort now that she's gone. xoxo