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Hello! Hello! I am back with another recipe: Low Cal Donuts! So I love doughnuts! Best thing in the world! But, me being on Weight Watchers, I needed something CLOSE to the real ones!

My mom bought me a doughnut pan from Bed, Bath & Beyond for $9.99

So I took the Weight Watchers Cupcake recipe and instead of cupcakes, I made Doughnuts! lol

Shall we get started?


-Cake Mix
-Diet 7up/Sprite

Things you MAY want to add but don't have too

-Diced fruit without the syrup
-Weight Watchers Whipped Chocolate
-Fresh fruit


Step 1: Set the oven to 350, grease the pan with Pam (you don't want butter!) Combine the full bag of cake mix and only 12 ounces of the diet soda (NOTHING ELSE) Together.

Step 2: Mix it together so there is no lumps or clumps!

Step 3: Fill the pan and put it in the oven

Step 4: After 30 minutes they should be golden, take them out and let them cool

OPTIONAL!: I made some plain and some with diced pineapple for my mama! This is optional!
On the plain ones I made two with the Weight Watchers Whipped Chocolate and some fresh fruit for me. I don't like pineapple lol.

At the end you get this!

Each doughnut was 3pp for plain, 5 pp with whipped chocolate and 5pp with pineapple.


safire said...

I want a doughnut pan now! This looks DELICIOUS. Amazing :) thanks for sharing

Traci Marie Wolf said...

YUM! What I want to try are those cronuts.