12:00 AM

I miss her more every second. Her laugh. Her witty comments. Our world is shattered. I smile, I think, "She's coming home. But she's already home. I'm a little girl just missing her grandma.

This pain is unlike any pain I have EVER felt before. Almost as if I'm gonna die of a heart attack. 

I wish you guys got to know her. Some of you who follow me on Instagram and on my personal, got to see her for who she was. Witty, funny, all that charm and jazz she had.

I'm not so much afraid of death anymore because I know if I pass on, I'll see her again. If that makes sense.

People constantly tell me, "Stef you're lucky you got to spend so much time with her." I am lucky. Some don't get to have THAT relationship with their grandma because they pass on early. I know it sounds selfish, stingy, but I'd give my last breath just to have one day with her. 

I miss you grandma!!!


Anonymous said...

so sorry. All my thoughts to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for your loss.