SATURDAY'S WITH STEF: Thanks for the lesson Grandma, it could be worse!

12:00 AM

If you would have asked me at 25 where I would be at 28, I would have said, "Married with a kid." I was on that road too. 

Funny how God works out. Here I am single and although some days it gets lonely, I am just so glad I am not in a situation like some. 3 kids from 3 different dads, depending on a man for security. Sad with myself. Sad with life. No self-love, no self-respect.

It could be worse right? Being single and taking my time to find a GOOD man rather than ANY man.

At 28 I am realizing, "I may grow old alone and happy." or end up with a man and one kid. Point is...shit could be worse than being single and happy with life and myself. 

Sometimes I forget that this time is a blessing. Gives me time to work on me. Gives me time to be FREE. I am free! No kids to worry about. No husband to worry about. Enjoying my twenties BARELY feels so odd but so good.

Sure I get scared. Who wants to grow old alone? No one. But my grandma grew old without a companion. She was sooooooooo happy.

Thanks for the lesson grams! 

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Wait Until The Sunset said...

Great post babe! I figured I would be a few kids in by now as well. But this is just a different adventure! xx