REVIEW: Sporteer Velocity Series V1 Armband for iPhones and Smartphones

12:00 AM

Hello! So my mama bought me this armband at the L.A FitExpo because she knows I am BIG on arm bands while I workout. I am constantly at Ross or Marshall's looking for one I love. Never found one, just ones that make-do. 
So because it was an Expo, my mom got it for $20 when it's originally $29.99. 
So I want to give you some Background 411 on it, according to the website (HERE) 
It features a zippered nylon pocket that fits all iPhone/iPod touch models (including the iPhone 5S/5C) and most smartphones
* with or without a thin or medium-sized protective case. 
*Fits device with total dimensions of 130mm x 67mm x 14mm. Not compatible with large-screen smartphones such as Galaxy S3/S4 or htc One - coming soon! 
*Interior moisture barrier keeps sweat out and your phone dry Elastic strap for gel pack or earphone cord management Integrated external pocket for a key, credit card, ID, and/or cash Locking zippers eliminate annoying rattling during your workout
* Reflective piping and strap tab for night safety Strap-Lok™ design prevents armband from falling off when adjusted during activity - no more holding your armband in place with your chin! 
 So I tried it out at the gym. I was a little confused about where my headphones go at first, most arm bands have holes and this armband doesn't. Which I can see the quality of it is amazing. 
My headphones didn't budge and it stayed IN PLACE! That was huge for me! Most of my Armbands fall and because I have loose skin, the straps tend to pinch my loose skin, (Embarrassing huh?) This was PERFECT! 
I wish my mom had gotten herself one, because it's just an amazing arm band. 
 You can check other armbands from Sporteer HERE
 Happy Fitness!

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