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I have no shame in admitting when I am wrong, when I need help and when I am a complete and utter B---, you get the drift. Some of you follow me WAY BACK to my "Curvacious in the City" days. Some of you are my friends who have watched me go through this journey right before your very own eyes. 

These last few pounds aren't coming off as I would like them too. I dont know if my Body is "Stef! Im done!" but I know the majority of it came when I interviewed by Weight Watchers and ONE thing stuck in my head, "We want you to lose the last 4 pounds."  It stuck. It messed me up. I became so FOCUSED on those few little pounds that I gave myself anxiety. Which I have no shame in admitting, I do suffer from Anxiety every now and then. Then I got a phone call and it totally, like when I say "totally" I really mean ROYALLY messed up my mentality.

One of my friends Ashley pointed out that my weight started going up and down ever since I interviewed. I was a wreck this week.

So with that said, I am no longer caring about the job. I am going to act as if it never happened and let my journey take course and contact them when I am ready. 

Here's to a NEW week!

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Anonymous said...

At this stage its difficult because you have muscle and muscle ways more then fat. so the last little bit of fat is gonna be hard to squeeze out. stay at it Hollywood.