REVIEW: Cappelli Straworld, Inc Pack A Hat!

12:00 AM

The sun is finally out and there is no greater pain then carrying a hat all over the place when it's not in use! Do ya feel me ladies? I know you feel me!

Cappelli Straworld Inc introduces the Pack A Hat collection that joins almost 200 styles of resort and lifestyle bags and head wear.

"An adorable tote-style miniature wristlet bag in cheerful summery stripes contains within it a stylish and matching packable sun hat with a 4 1/2 brim." says Bonnie Rubel, the Dorfman Pacific division's Vice President.

I actually loved this concept. It was ready when I neeed it and when I didnt , I just put it back in the cute little wristlet!

And did I mention how cute a woman would look in it? Don't I look cute? (Y'all better say yes!) Totally kept the sun out my face, protected me from the sun, kept me cool and made me look stylish all in one! It was a no hassle hat! LITERALLY!

Pack A Hat comes in seven different colors to match YOUR style!

You can snag one yourself for $25 HERE!

**Disclosure: Lipton Publicity provided a road test sample for this review**

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