Saturday's with Stef

12:23 AM

I went to the Gym this past Thursday. Physically, it went well. Emotionally...Not so much! I Saw thinner, smaller women running. Sweating, Bending in ways I can only dream of bending. Now, you may be thinking, "Stef, you can run!"....No I cant. I will literally get a big black eye from my boobs no matter how many, what kind of bras I wear. For a moment, actually I am lying, that whole day I was insecure. Whoever says thicker women going to the gym is a motivation-is full of bullshit! Bullshit I tell ya! It made me feel like, "Why couldn't I be born looking like that!?" Seriously, it did damper. After I had a good cry, a cry that pretty freaked my mom up, I realized, I have curves. These women, the ones I saw running effortlessly on the treadmill, not so much. 
Would I trade my curves in for a slimmer stomach...No. I now see men like curves. Gives them something to hold onto.I think I need to start appreciating my curves more and more. I think after my weight gain last week, I felt like a sore loser even more. 
So I am gonna try to appreciate these curves that God has blessed me with. Women pay HUGE bucks for my curves. They will literally fork out thousands upon thousands of dollars to just have boobs, a butt, hips, and thighs. I got em for free! 

Cheers to a better week emotionally.

Cheers to Curves!

Cheers to appreciating what God gave you!


Ola Dipo said...

you are right on the mark. being big women, no matter how confident we are there are times when you look around and feel not so confident but at the end of the day, you have to love yourself in order to be truely happy. when i go to the gym and see skinny babes working out, it just amuses me but maybe you should try an exclusive gym

Stephie J said...

Yes u may have seen those females and thought "bitches!!!!" but the point is u went to the gym!! some day a female will look at u and go "look at that bitch!!!! I want to have her body" (im pretty sure they already do :P)

B said...

Steffie, I go to the gym everyday (well, not today--went swimming instead) and I know what you mean. It's tough working out next to someone who is half your size. Gotta stay focused and stay in your own bubble. If anything, I am motivated by the smaller ladies. Everyone is on their own mission. Keep it up!

Nekiah Torres said...

I have looked at your past 6 posts and I LOVE your blog! I really appreciate your transparency! Girl you are beautiful beautiful beautiful! Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. Now following. Kiah

Leslie said...

like i was saying love that well i used to be really flat chested like an Acup and over night i went into a C cup and now im a 36D and talk about pressure i had my younger sister when she was in 3rd grd she was already a C! n the one thing i was never ever to "loose" was my hips and butt no matter how much i ran or walked i still had those "saddle bags" as one girl pointed out and to tell you the truth after some one told me that in high school i never saw my thighs the same i used to feel sexy bout them i felt like selena, Latina con curvas peligrosas and when a white girl told me that i felt fat, ugly, and just different. i started to notice more and more that my dads family all have huge traceros and i became really self conscious. it took me so long to loose that fear and let go and accept that ill never be a size3 or 2 im a sixe7,9,10 oh well i feel beautiful bcus i know girls wish they had what we do like you say girls pay big bucks to have butts like ours and mine is jus there, i try to stare at myself in the mirror and be like damn leslie you own it.. the other thing i fear is my younger sister :( she has always been plus sized. and i never want her to feel down on herself bcus of that and i would talk to her when she does feel down but shed make me feel guilty like you dont understand your not me somedays she loves her self other days not so much but then again all us women we are like waves del mar con mareas altas y bajas dias buenos y malos. we tear ourselves up to try to be the perfect person or our image of perfect.. its so hard and a constant struggle jus before i read this i was grabbing my tummy flab thinking leslie your stomach is getting big you need to loose weight. ay dios mio we are our worst critics sorry about the long msg lol! your gorgeous an soo out going i love your videos! subbed! xoxo