Weekly Weigh-In: 1.6 Pounds Down

12:10 AM

So I lost! I wanted it to be 2 pounds since I didn't weigh in last week, but at least it's a lot. I am so close to 200 that I can taste it...in fact I am 7 pounds from being OUT of the 200's and honestly, that's all I want. I notice a difference in my thighs, even my tummy. My tummy is shrinking and I am wearing shorts like its no problem now. Maybe it all too the Cross-trainer. I mean, I remember hating that machine with a passion. Now I cant wait to go. I am up to 5 miles in an hour on it. 
So yes, there is my weigh in summed up! New week. New points!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day! 

Eat healthy. Love Healthy and Live healthy!

Cheers to our troops and Veterans!


Stephie J said...


KayKay said...

wow congrats, whats most important is that you are getting the confidence in yourself and to wear short shorts. keep up the dedication =)

Savannah said...

You go girl! It's really great that you're building the confidence to wear shorts! I usually hate shorts with a burning passion (my thighs) but I actually wore them out and about yesterday with my best guy friend. So not only did he see me, but tons of other people did too. I think it's the weight loss, or the fact that it's way too hot not to wear shorts! Anyways, keep it up!


Rawr Girl said...

Congratulations!!! Keep rockin' it girl!

LOCA said...

Awesome, good for you!! I need to start WW again, it really works.


Nekiah Torres said...

I am so proud of you sweetie. You are motivating me to get my butt up. Actually the doctor told me losing 50lbs would make a huge difference in my back issues so my hubby said he is going to put me on a low impact work out. I am willing to do any and everything at this point to alleviate some pain!! Kiah

Unknown said...

Congratulations and "You Go Girl" Keep up the great job.