Nails of the week!

12:24 AM

So the other day I took a 5 minute trip to Downtown L.A to visit the beauty supply stores (which I will show you my mini haul later in this post)I came across a form of Sally Hansen Salon effects, just way cheaper...even cheaper than the Broadway nail effects. This is called "Nail foil" I got it 2 for $5 and LOVED em! Went on easy except didn't last THAT long...that's until I realized I needed to put an acrylic top coat on em.

So what does this nail place look like...or at least the ones here in L.A

Like this! EVERYTHING YOU CAN THINK OF in regards to nails and guess what? CHEAP! We all love Cheap! So what else did I buy besides the Nail Foils?


So let me explain the Fake fingers..I turn them upside down and stick em on my wall and use em to hang my necklaces and bracelets! Smart huh? They are so fun to pain I thought, these suckers can hold my necklaces! Got em for 3 for a $1. Then I bought their form of Crackle...for $ 2.50. So I'll do a review on that sometime this week.

So there ya go!


Dhalia Edwards said...

Love the checked nails...cute.


Style Chic 360 said...

Your nails look really cute!

Andrea Reh said...

So cool. I need to get more creative with my nails... although, with an internship starting this week, probably not the best time to experiment!

Just discovered your blog, and would love it if you stopped by mine sometime.

Andrea x

Nekiah Torres said...

Love those blk/wht nails!! They look so cool. Girl the idea of hanging those fingers to use as necklace holders is BRILLIANT!! I need to make a trip to L.A. so I can go to the "garment district" and to this little store you done hit up! lol Kiah

Unknown said...

Awesome post... super excited to be able to go and pick some stuff up. Do you have an address for this place? If so plz let me know.