Weekly Weigh-In: 0.6 OUNCES Gained

12:08 AM

So I gained a little (Shrugs). My grandpa is still very sick and I am PMS'ing this week so it could be water weight and I am THANKFUL it wasn't a FULL POUND. I feel so good about myself that a few ounces of weight gain doesn't bring me down. THAT'S LIFE...You are gonna lose some weight and gain some weight. I know what made me gain those ounces...I was hungry (Thanks PMS!) and ate 6 Mexican wedding cakes. 

Lemme tell ya, they were AMAZING! I am loving me for who I am. This is a NEW week with NEW points. Last week is out and this week is in. As long as I feel positive about this week and about myself, that's all that matters!



LaaLaa said...

Girl I know that PMSing feeling ... I've been at it for the last few days - eating like I'm eating for 6 lol.

Big Mark 243 said...

You are right about that Stef, you don't have be overly concerned with the small stuff... it is a process and every then and now there are hiccups! Just keep the goal in mind and working towards it and you will be fine!!

Hope your Grandpa feels better soon!!

safire said...

I hope your Grandpa feels better!

I've never had Mexican Wedding cake before. PMS and bloat is icky and will go away!

KayKay said...

yummy those mexican cakes look good, send them over here to jersey. and stay positive girl. its a new week and keep looking up

Marta said...

As long as you go back to your eating plan, eating something that you like and enjoy is not that bad and there is no need to feel guilty. Best wishes o your grandpa.

Nekiah Torres said...

What a great outlook! Girl we all fall down but what is important is that we don't stay down! We get back up and keep trying! I have gained 5 lbs. of water weight from PMS so don't sweat it! Praying for your Grandpa! Kiah

Melissa said...

Mexican cakes- are those done in your hand or do you fry them or something. I want them! LOL about to google and find out where I can find them all the way in nyc!

Hope your grandpappy feels better soon <3


Sandrah said...

mmmmm mexican wedding cakes are bomb! And you're absolutely right... an extra oz here and there doesn't hurt :) Keep up the great work!

Style Chic 360 said...

Just stay positive and keep at it. :)

MC said...

Aww I hope your grandfather feels better soon! I haven't had a Mexican Wedding cake before but now I'm curious to try one.

You stay positive girl! <3

All the best,

Sara said...

Don't focus too much on the lbs just focus on being happy and healthy and your body will adjust naturally, if that makes sense. Anyway, stay positive, beautiful =)

Hope your Grandpa feels better.