Weekly Weigh-In: 1.6 Pounds Down

12:02 AM


I survived a holiday and lost! Then again, I did eat healthy on the 4TH of July ( Even had a point or two left over!) Why am I proud of myself aside from losing the pound and a half? Well because while Chloe was on "Vacation" I didn't stress eat AT ALL. In fact, I decided that I was gonna deal with my stress differently while she was away. And I did.

When I felt the urge to eat, I went out looking for her.

This had me thinking about stress eating and emotional eating. I hadnt gave this much thought up until Chloe went missing and my anxiety levels were just sky high. 
TWO strategies I used were:

1- MOVE! MOVE! MOVE!: Like I said, whenever I had the urge to eat, I went to look for Chloe. Yesterday though, since Chloe has been returned, I went to the gym. So I think moving really helps ease that stress.

2- BETTER OPTIONS: I LOVE chips and dip, oh in fact, I love any type of comfort food....and we all know comfort food, is the most fattening food. However, I found myself stocking up on water (because sometimes you really aren't hungry, just thirsty) and fruits. So there was NO comfort food and just a healthier alternative...

I wish had MORE strategies to share, but to be honest Stress eating is HUMAN and it's Natural for some. So I think those two strategies worked for me. All about baby steps and learning one step at a time.

I was telling my mom, I know it says my goal is 200...Well I set LITTLE goes for myself. Little goals are MORE achievable. If I set my REAL goal, I would have anxiety. My real goal is to weigh 150. My little goals are just 5 pound goals that I know are achievable. The little things always add up to something big, well at least I think so!

Do you think Little goals are achievable?


Thomas S. Moore said...

Sometimes just setting up realistic goals help the process. Far too often people say they need to lose 20lbs + in a month and when it doesn't happen they give up. Being more active is the key like when you were looking for Chloe.

Those comfort foods will do a number good replacement since like you stated most of the time we aren't hungry just thirsty.

Waist Hips & Thighs

Marta said...

Boredom sometimes is the enemy, I try to keep myself busy to avoid overeating too. Congrats for the 1.6 pounds lost! Little goals are motivational.

Full Figured Diva said...

Congrats on your weight loss! *clapping hands* About 5 years ago I did Weight Watchers and lost 50 pounds. I wish you much success on your journey Diva!


Unknown said...

OMG Congrats! Losing weight is so hard. I only lost a pound last week. I would had beat myself because of it but the fact that I just got a trainer and I been doing intense workout, I think I have gain lots of muscles. Well I hope. Seeing your progress is definitely encouraging me to continue my journey.

Big Mark 243 said...

I agree with Thomas. Setting up realistic goals also requires patience, because it is going to take some time. Any weight loss is a good weight loss and discovering positive coping strategies for stressful situations is very important.

Take care and welcome home to Chloe!!

Gorgeous Glam said...

congrats! Just found your blog and it's great! xo

Unknown said...

Congrats my beautiful doll on your 1.6 down lost. Anything counts and so happy you're in a better place now since your precious Chloe was returned.

PS..You and my sister are friends on FB now..so happy!! YAY..

Besos chica linda!

<3 Marina

Nekiah Torres said...

YAY!! So happy for you! I know you can do it! I laughed at your comment. If we lived near..we would totally have to do a sleep over!! lol Kiah

Roz @ weightingfor50 said...

BIG BIG woo hoo on the 1.6lb loss. Way to go Steph!!! Have a great rest of the week.

Savannah said...

Ahh, congrats!!! Little goals totally do work! And I guzzle a lot of water throughout the day.


Lyricallyness said...

Hello Hun :) Following you back :)

Chay Chay said...

you are SO RIGHT about the being thirsty chica. Whenever I feel myself craving something, I just get a big glass of water and drink it through a straw, straws are my thing, and I'm good! My goal is to get to like 180, I'm at like 200 now, and luckily all my curves are in the right places, so you can not tell AT ALL that I'm that heavy....I LOVE my body and you should do love! I know you do, just wanna make it EVEN better : )

CynthiaAvaDevta said...

Yes, you are right about the baby steps as far as goal-setting is concerned. I just went back to the gym after a loooong hiatus! I am loving every second...and with the exercise every day, my appetite for certain foods is changing. I drink a lot more water and diet ice-tea mixed with pomegranate or other fruit juice.
As for snacking...and I am a huuuuge late night snack fan...I keep things on hand I know are good and healthy: popcorn, carrot sticks, veggie chips, baked chips or pretzles and the awesom 100 calorie packs! So far, so good! Let's keep each other going on the healthy track! Love you!

Diana said...

My guilty pleasures also include chips and salsa :( but mainly chips lol Keep up the great work :) I know it''s hard but it's totally worth it in the end!