Saturday's with Stef: A Rant about more material=More Money

12:08 AM

I was browsing through plus-sized clothing and realized..."Why would I spend $32 on a top? Yet thinner women can only spend $12 FOR THE SAME TOP!?"
The bigger the woman, the more material?
I seriously felt disgusted at some of the websites I was on. I also was disgusted at some of the websites who made moo-moo like type clothing. -Shakes my head- Just because Ima little bit thicker than most women doesn't mean I want to hide my curves! Doesn't mean I should dress like a store-typical "plus-sized" woman. In fact that word Plus-size bothers me. We are CURVY women. We have curves! God blessed us with curves. 
So Im a little confused to why I need to spend $32 for a top just because I am curvier.  

Just because I am NOT a size 0-8 DOESN'T mean I don't wanna feel just as beautiful as skinny women. Shouldn't my clothes be $12 too? Shouldn't us CURVIER women be treated THE SAME and charged THE same price? More material= the higher the price...Child please. Companies are just trying to make money off curvier women. I certainly believe I should pay the same amount of money for my clothes as a woman under the size 12 would. Maybe this is justa  huge rant, but I feel passionately about this.

Am I the only curvier woman who finds this just mind boggling?

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714Star said...

I've felt this way for awhile now. Plus, I don't know about you but I feel like there is a gap between the mainstream sizes range and the plus size range. I fall in the middle of both. I hate paying more for my clothes. I hate the phrase plus size. I hate that forever21 renamed their Faith21 line to Forever 21+ Plus Sizes. Can you say step backwards? smh I'm with you on this one.

Anonymous said...

I understand that there is more cost with more material but that is a big jump between prices. I would say that companies need to be reasonable about that. I say $5 more would have been reasonable not $20 or more!

Nekiah Torres said...

OH girl don't even get me started! It is a form of discrimination if you ask me! It is rude and it hurts my feelings. Also, why don't designers make plus size clothing. I guess thick girls can't afford clothes skinny ones can. I have actually heard designers say that big girls don't wear clothes well. That skinny girls look better in clothes. We pay more in terms of money for clothing and we also pay in terms of style or lack there of! Great post! This issue needs to be addressed! Kiah

Dhalia Edwards said...

I agree with you Stef...thats not fair.


sweetchic said...

Hey Stef,

I totally agree with you on this one- that is something I actually did not know- that sucks.

And if that rant wasn't enough, I also found out that just because I'm a 12 in Target doesn't mean I will be in Valley Girl- poo.

I also found out Valley Girl do NOT carry a 14 in most of their clothes, how ridiculous I am probably between 60-65 and you're telling me that anyone who is a little bit bigger cannot buy a bigger size just because they classify me as a large- rubbish- not good self esteem for young girls at all.

Sorry for the long rant- I totally agree with you, you should be paying the same no matter if your one size or another.