Weekly Weigh-In: I didn't weigh in...for two weeks!

12:22 AM

So some of you may have wondered why I havent posted a weekly-weigh in.Well I havent dieted. Life got so stressful with my money issues, financial aid issues, I ate like a horse! Okay, maybe like a pig. However as bad as I feel about NOT sticking to my way of life, It felt good to get some things out of my system. Will I eat taquitos tomorrow? No, probably in a year or longer! I was so hard on myself. 

"Stefanie what did you do!?!"

I had felt so bad! But Monday came and I switched my fram e of mind. 


So I decided to shake it off and get back on the "Weight Watcher" train!



Unknown said...

Hey look at where you started and where you are right now its the progress that counts not how long it takes you. You are doing good. I want to try weigth watchers my friend did it at work and helped her alot.

Mallory In New York said...

Only a few pounds off! I say, life happens, and you shouldn't sweat it! Everyone goes through stressful periods, and you're not expected to be 100% on the mark. Good for you for working towards your goal!


Unknown said...

Hey... life does take over... I got really sick this week and wasn’t able to go work out either for a whole week and my eating habits were way off....to my surprised I didn’t gain either... and hey it doesn’t seem like you gain... so your good... no one is perfect we learn from our mistakes so let’s just get back on track and aim high.

Unknown said...

No need to stress it girl sometime you need to eat the taquitos and well also the flan late at nigth. Its k like I always say I will start fresh the next day!
Keep it up girl!!!

Theresa said...

omgosh im so proud of you! look at you mama! way to go !! life gets heckteck at times just keep your pretty head head high and you will get through it all love u!

Curves Ahead lifestyle blogger said...

that's amazing girl keep it up that's a huge achievement

sweetchic said...


You have every right to enjoy yourself! And so you should because you are young and beautiful and smart. :) If people only see your figure then their shallow.

I understand about the whole weight thing, it can be a pain in the butt, but you're doing great. The fact you know when you need to pull your head in is a sign you're on track. :)

Thanks for the comments on my blog by the way xox



Style Chic 360 said...

You're doing great! don't give up!