Weight Watcher Weekly Weigh-In: 1.4 POUNDS GAINED

12:00 AM

I gained.

So what.

I knew what I did. I ate after midnight. For some reason I had the munchies. I counted points, but ate after midnight and then fell asleep. A no-no.

I shrug this gain off. Its not like I gained all my weight back. And in fact, I only gained a pound in the 3 weeks I didn't weigh-in. GO ME!

I look at myself in the mirror and sure I wanna lose more and get down to my goal weight, but I think of how far I have come and not to cry over the gain. I am on a plan that lets me fall off and get back on without feeling guilty. 

A weight loss isn't always a loss. I wish people didnt fret over a gain, but sadly until they realize that weight-loss isnt a quick fix or a temporary residence, they will always fret the gain.

I am on this FOR LIFE! So I have come to terms that I am not gonna have great weeks and I am gonna have AMAZING weeks.

Life happens and the last thing I wanna do is deprive myself.

So heres to another week of new points and new beginnings!


Anonymous said...

no biggie, your doing great! keep it up! sending you positivity ;-)

Anonymous said...

That's alright :) Time to get back on track. We're all rootin' for ya!

Stay Motivated!

vc said...

AWESOME, you lost almost 40 lbs. A little gain is not a big deal, as long you get back on track you will be fine. Hope to get my goal of losing 50lbs by end of year. Haven't blogged about my weight loss yet, not sure if I want...Kinda worried on what type of feed back I will get. Oh well doing it for me.