Weight Watchers Weekly Weigh-In: 2 lbs DOWN! 45.8 pounds LOST!

12:00 AM

This week I lost 2 POUNDS! Which seriously was again unexpected....that means I am 1 pound away from my mini-goal weight! Woot! Woot!

So ...


My high of the week was making healthier decisions when it came to what I am drinking. I was seriously wanting Coca-Cola. A nice cold coke to be exact. But I opted for an unsweetened tea or water. In fact, I walked around my work office with my HUGE water bottle! Lol. I peed like a race horse but I didn't touch the soda! YAY ME!

Oh heres a before and after of the year! WHOA!!!


My low was eating WAY too many almonds. Last week was my Cheez-itz phase, this week, it is ALMONDS! I think I had way too many when I could have used those points on something else. Oh well. At least I counted! Oh my never mind, my low was eating the new McDonald's S'mores Pie! Which by the way is 8pp! One point during the day I had NO points for dinner because of that pie. An 8 pp dinner when I could have used that 8pp (pie) on dinner to make it 16! Silly Stef! But if you haven't tried it, ADDICTING!


I learned that if I bite it, I write it NO MATTER WHAT! I also learned that I have a goal. I WILL COMPLETE MY GOAL! I will get there and if my progress is slow, I dont care. Its better than NO progress! I will enjoy life the best that I can. No if's, and's or but's. I have FREEDOM with weight watchers. It allows me to live my life FREELY and like a normal 26 Year old!

So there you have ladies and gents! New week!

*Kisses last week and those two pounds goodbye*



Savannah said...

Congrats girl!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, you look great. You are definitely an inspiration.

StephieJ said...

I'm so proud of you! WOW what a difference!

Heidi-likes said...

Wow well done you! You look brilliant, sexy lady! X


Overweight in SoCal said...

Congratulations on your loss and staying true to yourself by counting everything. And for being brave enough to share your highs and lows here with us :)

The difference in the two pictures is PALPABLE!!!

Sabrina said...

your journey is so incredible. wow!!!!!! motivating.

Melissa said...

woot woot way to go chica!!!