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I wanna share with you all, a clothes line lose to my heart and soul. This clothes line has backed me up since day one and have made me apart of their familia. I want to introduce to you, JWORK LIMITED!

What can I tell you about this line, that doesnt make me sound like a groupie but rather than a little sister who truly adores the Owner/founder and all of its team members!

The line is hip-hop meets funky fresh and gives a whole new meaning to style. A little background about Jwork? Why I know you didnt ask, but Im gonna give it to you!

"JWORK LIMITED was founded on the principle that every man has value, every dream can come true. We believe in order to find that value, one must first realize his own dream, and then work like hell to bring it to fruition. When you find that value, you're ruler of your own kingdom, you control where your life will lead. And if you've worked hard to create it, your reward is justified. Of course when you live like a king, you have to dress like one, and JWORK LIMITED is the lifestyle brand fit for the kings! Assembled by the 5stars in the sky that allows one to be greater in any walk of life!! JWORK LIMITED reaches from those stars to the heavens to bring you the most brilliant concepts, designs, and theories into a 5 Star Lifestyle brand"

Yeah okay, thats froim thier website! Enough, talk and more clothes!!

Shall we?

Jwork is for MEN AND WOMEN! Check that out! You and your signifcant other can be FLY!!!!


HERE! or

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Big Mark 243 said...

Cool threads... I don't know if I am their target demographic but I definitely feel the vibe... btw, you look HOT..! :0)

Akira Takashi said...


Jessica said...

ohh i like it

Through Thick and Thin Girls said...

I love how bright the colours are! Cool shirts!