Saturday's with Stef

12:14 AM

Loving me. Two simple words that are so difficult to do. When I was bigger, I LOVED me. In fact, I totally thought I was one hot babe. Now that I am smaller, insecurities rise. Not sure why? I sometimes look at myself in the mirror and say, "Whats up?" Seriously...If I was a dude, I would totally scoop myself up. I'm not a bad girlfriend either. But back to loving me. I looked at some of my pictures from my "The rose that grew from concrete" look. I smiled. It's been awhile since I have seen a full-bodied picture of myself and actually smiled. My butt looked so cute and I saw my curves. It's as if they spoke, "Love yourself Stef, you're getting hot!"

I'm not only losing weight for esteem issues...but when I do have children, I want to be able to be outdoors with them. I want to be able to practice basketball, baseball, or whatever sport they are in with them. I want them to know what its like to have a on the field mom, not a side-lines mom. I want to be able to show them a healthy lifestyle. A life full of non health issues. I saw my grandpa today. He's so frail and has so many issues. Congestive heart failure, he can't urine, his blood thins out too much...and we all know its from the choices he made as a youngin'.I totally don't want to be that way. I want my kids to NOT worry about me. To say, "My mom can still out run your mom and shes 75!"

I love myself a little bit more everyday. Every day I look at myself and say, "I love you!"....

I'm not FULLY there...but I'm getting there. 


Debbie Baker Burns said...

Stefanie, I'm getting to the point where I realize that it's time for me to shed some pounds for my future healthy so I know just what you are talking about! Debbie htttp://

Nekiah Torres said...

Yes Stefanie I hear ya girl. I feel that way too. I have back problems...knee problems. The other day my husband looked at me struggling with my back and he said "babe we shouldn't be going thru this until we are like 70!!" I know I need to lose weight and I am going to start working on it too! I think if you took more full body pics of yourself your confidence would build. That has helped me a whole lot! Kiah