Weekly Weigh-In: 1.6 Pounds Down

12:05 AM

Go me! 

So since I didn't weigh in last week, I was hoping for at least a pound and I got it! I was thinking about the dieters who drop 3 pounds or more a week. I got into a discussion on the Weight Watcher boards about this and everyone agreed...The slower, the better. I rather be losing a pound or even ounces than a big number. When you lose big numbers you tend to gain DOUBLE if you do gain at all.

Do any of you agree slow and steady wins the race? 

Anyways, yesterday was my grandma's birthday. She's 82 and she wanted to go to Universal Studios. How cute is that. It was 82 degrees in Los Angeles and I knew FOR SURE, I was gonna get in activity points with all that walking. Sure enough, I got myself an EXTRA 14 points! However, didn't use em. And I ate healthy at a theme park. Whoever said it can't be done, sure hasn't done research before heading to a theme park. If you are watching what you eat...THEY CAN give you an alternative healthier meal...you just gotta ask!

Anyways! Hope you all have a blessed week! Below is a picture of my grandma in a Vespa at Universal Studios Hollywood!


(Isn't my grandma beautiful? and cute! lol Not to mention the heart of a 21 year old! Here's to you Grandma!)


Fragancia said...

haha awwwww your grandma is so cute!!! <3 and yeah i think slow and steady does win the race. i wish to shed off a few pounds this summer and im going slow! :)

Savannah said...

Awww your grammy is so adorable! I lost mine 2 and a half years ago ):
Congrats on the weight loss, you're doing great!


Style Chic 360 said...

Awe look at your granny. So cute! Treasure her they are truly gems. I miss Bigma so much!

Congrats on the loss!

safire said...

If it's over a long span of time and minor changes like 1 lb loss, 3 lb loss, 0 lb loss, 2 lb loss, overall it's fine. Congratulations on your loss!

I think the fast gain is talking about people who go into deprivation diets for a month and drop 30 lbs.

Unknown said...

aaawwww....Happy Birthday to your grandma!! She's too cute!!
And yes girl slow and steady always wins the race so keep it up doll!!

<3 Marina

JC ♔ said...

Grats on the weightloss, and happy birthday to your adorable grandma!

Also, I think whatever works best for you wins the race. I'm the kind that loses a lot and keeps it off, so I've never agreed with the stereotype, but my weight does fluctuate a lot so I have to monitor my intake closely.

Sara said...

The weight a person loses should always be at least equivalent to the effort of exercise so unless someone's training for a 5k or something like that slow and steady does the trick just fine. Congrats on the progress, work it! :)
& your Grandma is adorable! <3 <3

KayKay said...

aww i agree she is soo adorable and keep up with the dedication on your weight ur doing great!

Traci Marie Wolf said...

Go you! I'm so excited and inspired that you're so close to your goal.
How very cool that your grandma wanted to go to Universal Studios. The rate I'm going, I'll be 80 before I go (I've never been.)