Weight Watcher's Weekly Weigh-In: 3 POUNDS gained!

12:03 AM

I gained...SO WHAT!

I had so much fun eating with the bro that those 3 can EASILY be lost...PROMISE THAT! What scares me is that weight-in is Monday. THE DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS! Lord help me! And like a TYPICAL Mexican family, there's TAMALES! The masa is already here!! 


I can NEVER say NO to tamales! They are a weakness! and I found out that ONE tamale is 16 points. SIXTEEN!


How I am gonna make it through Christmas Eve and Christmas Day is BEYOND me! Its gonna take A LOT of will power to have only ONE tamale! I am trying to save my ANYTIME points to use it for TAMALES! Such a "Fat girl" move huh?

I am okay with gaining now. I laugh it off and say, "Damn that Big burger was AMAZING!" I am human too and I need to ENJOY my life.  

Now the tamales are a WHOLE new issue...LMAO!


Fran said...

Hai Stefanie,

Every day I see a comment of you on Roz's blog and today I decided to check your blog out. And boy do I love it, it's got everything I love: outfits, nails, make-up and not something I love but do have: weight struggles.

I intend to visit your blog more often. For now: happy holidays.


The Beauty and The Business said...

Good for you not fretting, I know that my holiday weekend is going to be super bad for me, so I'm eating good all week, so I won't feel so guilty. I was thinking of doing weight watchers, does it really help you? Do you go to the meetings?

Marta said...

November & December are tough months because of the holidays, but don't feel guilty if you gain, after Christmas go back to your good eating habits, exercise and in a few days you'll get back to normal. Life is too crazy sometimes to not enjoy the deilcious meals of the holidays.

Roz @ weightingfor50 said...

Hi Stef, Yay you for living your life and seizing the day to celebrate your bro's return. Bring on the tamales my friend!!! Have a wonderful Thursday. (Earth Wind and Fire RULES!! :) )

Unknown said...

TAMALES...They're way too delicious to pass them up. So totally understandable doll

<3 Marina