12:00 AM

I gained this week. I knew it. I started to fall back into old habits. I drank soda, I ate candy and I ate when I became emotional. Wah-wah!

I think by going to weigh-in, KNOWING that I didn't follow my usually lifestyle, and "facing the music", taught me to OWN IT. I know what I did, and sure I enjoyed every minute it but it made me realize that I am still not at my goal. My weight goal meas EVERYTHING to me. Its something I can own and say I did this!

I started work, and ACTUAL hourly job and I realized packing my lunch is going to be essential! ESSENTIAL I tell ya! Next Monday is a pot luck too! Woah! I need to focus on my goal and really get to my goal.

Any tips for this newly working girl and packing a lunch?!

Owning my 1.4! Here's to a better week!


safire said...

Good job owning it. It's only a small blip in the grand scheme of things.


Johanna said...

Facing up to a gain is always the hardest so good job!!!

StephieJ said...

Just remember that it took you two weeks to put that on so less than a lb a week isn't that bad! I've seen you lose 2+ lbs in ONE week.. This will come off in no time!

Pot lucks can be fun! Just make sure you take something really low in points like a salad or a fruit tray so you have something you can eat but can also nibble on the other things.

Unknown said...

Stef, you're going to do this, I know you can :)

As far as lunches go, we buy a big bag of spring greens and use it to make salads for the week. Swap out your proteins by using chicken, tuna, ham, etc. Add a some chopped veggies or fruit and you're set. xo

Dee said...

As soon as I get home from the market with produce, I portion it out in 8 oz mason jars. Wash berries ans soft fruits in a 1:10 vinegar to cool water rinse. This helps prevent molding and spoilage. With cut fruit (melon, strawberries, etc) add a couPle of capfuls of lemon or lime juice and 1/2 tsp of agave nectar to the jars; this will keep the fruit from drying out and getting soft. Also helps prevent fruit flies from banana skins. I soak them in a bowl of it ( don't soak any with split skins. I make salads in quart mason jars. Pre-soak and cook dried beans to add to them for extra fiber and protein.