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Big Mark 243 said...

Better to be confident and go out thinking that you are hot then it is to go out and let others tell you that you are not and believe it!!

Jessica said...

so true love ur strong words

Theresa said...

I find it very flattering that you used my look. however i should get some credit towards it, the doll look eyes for all you fellow readers can find here on my facebook http://www.facebook.com/tmac1105
make up and hair bow style came from me, Stef
if u wanted a tutorial you could have just asked =D i would of been more than happy to give you one.
I am a little confused though youre all about originality and being yourself and you even tell your readers this how come you cant pull off your own look? and readers fyi me and stefanie havent spoken to each other in almost a year but i can clearly see shes looking to get her style from someone, also some of the advice i remember giving to you , you have used as well like i said credit is due somewhere in between the fine lines doll!