Weight Watchers Weekly Weigh-In: 4.4 lbs LOST & I am out of the 70s!

12:00 AM

I lost 4.4 pounds and here's the BIGGEST YAY for me, I am out of the 70's! I have been waiting for this day for so long, My plateau was really starting to take a toll on my psyche! But I did it! And I am PROOF Weight Watchers works. This NEW 360 is amazing! And some of you may be wondering, "Why is it called Weight Watchers 360 and not 180?" Good question! 360 means to be aware of your surrounds and ALL aspects of your life and weight-loss. I have talked REPEATEDLY about the mental game in weight loss and have shared with you guys the spirtual and emotional side to Weight Watchers and ANY weight-loss program. Weight Watchers just decided its time to include EVERYTHING around you! Its the best program because you dont give up the foods you love! MODERATION not DEPRIVATION.

My high of the week came by TRACKING! TRACKING! TRACKING! I bite it, I write it!
I didn't get exercise as much as I usually do. I was sick and working out really lazy status.

I learned that when you have a GREAT attitude, you get GREAT outcomes!


What do you do if the nutritional information isn't available? OH NO! Lemme tell you MY secret! If I go to a restaurant and the nutritional information isn't available, I will choose healthier options, go home and look online. If its not online, I come out in full detective mode, I will call their headquarters
Why am I telling you this? Because once I sat in my WW meeting and a lady, kept complaining she cheated and had no time to call cooperate or look online. I couldnt believe how negative this woman was. How lazy she was and I questioned why she was at WW to begin with because rigth then and there, she looked as if it was just something to pass her time. 
If you dont know the points or calories because its not online, CALL headquarters! THEY ALWAYS HAVE THAT INFORMATION! This is YOUR health and they are there to give you a service. 


♥ Nica said...

Great job, and congrats! I love the picture you posted about attitude as well..I may have to share that if it's okay :) Have a wonderful week!!

Anonymous said...

congrats on your progress!!! I have a friend who is also on WW and she has nothing but great things to say also!!