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Now that I hit Lifetime, there are many questions you lovey people have. One in particular...."Will you continue to post Weight Watchers Weekly Weigh-Ins?"


Some of you are also confused what a Weight Watcher Lifetime Member is. So I went on their Website and whoa-la!

"Lifetime Membership is a valuable privilege you receive after completing your weight loss journey as a Weight Watchers Meetings member. Lifetime membership is only for Meetings members. You receive a Lifetime Membership recognition award when you achieve a weight goal that is within the Weight Watchers Healthy Weight Ranges (or a healthy weight determined by your physician) and are at least 5 pounds less than your initial weight recorded at your first Weight Watchers meeting. After six consecutive weeks of paid Meetings membership within 2 lbs (above or below) of your weight goal, you're awarded Lifetime membership, if you meet these criteria:

- If you've weighed in at least 2 times between the weigh-in where you reached goal, and your final Maintenance weigh-in;


- If at your final maintenance weigh-in, you're within 2 lbs of (above or below) your weight goal.

If you're more than 2 lbs above or below your weight goal, you should continue to try to maintain your weight, and keep weighing in weekly until you're back within 2 pounds of your goal. As a Lifetime Member, we encourage you to attend Weight Watchers Meetings -- at no charge and - as long as you are no more than 2 pounds above your weight goal -- in your local area and anywhere in the world. When you attend meetings, don't forget to show your Lifetime membership book to your receptionist/Leader."

So that's the gist of it for ya!

I'm learning so many new things now that I am at Lifetime.

Like for one, I am burning less calories. Which I usually rank in 1000 plus, now I am just happy if I even hit 800 lol. I find myself giving myself SOME leeway when it comes to how I use my Activity points and Weeklies...I still use them all though. 

I am still counting points and obviously apart of WW still.

My dream is to be on the cover of a WW magazine, in a weekly, or even in a commercial!

I am aiming big! lol

I didn't weigh-in this week...technically, I don't have too. But I am still going to my meetings. They keep me in check and are good for my soul. 

Oh and to explain the picture above, my WW leader sent me this awesome card and when I logged onto the WW site it congratulated me! 

How cool is that! 

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Big Mark 243 said...

I love that you have set your sights so high... I think that there is no point in setting goals if they do not involve high hopes to work towards...

Congratulations beautiful Stef... you are one of the best..!