Weekly Weigh-In: 2 Pounds Down

12:04 AM

*GO ME!* 

So with that said I am 7 pounds from my mini-goal 190!


I'm my meeting we talked about normalcy. Remember the post I made about wanting to be normal like my thin friends? How I just wanna not be able to count points? Well, with your feedback, and emails, I realized....THERE IS NO NORMAL! Thin people struggle with weight too. Thin people eat unhealthy
too. Now would I trade my curves in for being thin? Honestly, NO. I wish I was thinner...yes, but I think God blessed me with curves for a reason. 

Sometimes we forget that everyone struggles with their weight, their looks. 


Hell, even Eva Longoria gets put up with! The most beautiful people can have the biggest insecurities.I went home and thought about normalcy. I have NEVER known normalcy. Nothing about me is normal. I eat on all occasions and all moods! Happy, sad, mad, ....you name the mood, food cured it. My addiction is food. 

Granted that has changed and I am thankful for Weight Watchers for teaching how to handle my food cravings when I do want food, sometimes I sit back and think...sure counting points isn't normal to society. HELL! Being over a size 12 isn't normal to society! Then again, neither is starving yourself. Grazing. Everyone struggles with weight, if not now, later.

I was teased in High School because I was a size 12. In fact I know a certainly family member who went behind my back and told people just how fat I was. It comes from all directions with me. For once, I am at a point where, I count my points and I do my thing, if you cant respect that and know this is my kind of normal then I suggest you get off my train and get on your own track. TOOT TOOT!

I know some days I have the "I am so fat " days...but all in all...I am getting healthy for me. Some day I plan to meet a wonderful man and get in this beautiful wedding dress and walk down the aisle and have everyone gasp because I look so amazingly beautiful. I plan to have kids and run around with them and teach them about portions and healthy alternatives. I wanna be HANDS ON with my future kids. If that makes any sense. 

So yes...what is Normal to you?

Is there such a thing as normalcy when it comes to weight?

Lemme leave you with a quote I put on my Facebook last week, I said this after I found out the thin woman who was picking on my weight made these horrible about my weight.

Skinny doesn't mean beautiful. Fat doesn't mean ugly. Skinny doesn't mean healthy and Fat doesn't mean unhealthy. What matters is you love yourself for who you are no matter what your body shape is. When you love yourself, people love you...the world will love you back.


Unknown said...

I am definitely not normal at all. I've struggled with weight issues all of my life. I've experienced being smaller (150/size 8) and bigger (235/size 18). I've learned that regardless of how you look (fat or skinny) you will always be judged & talked about. I'm comfortable in my skin now (I went through some major insecurity issues). I don't think there's anything wrong with wanting to be healthy. I've lost weight myself (following my own regimen- I've been on Weight Watchers before). I love being 198/size 14. People criticized me for losing weight but I ignored it all. This is my body and I have to live with it not you.

I applaud you for wanting to be healthy. I'm proud of your weight loss and wish you much success. From the looks of it you'll meet your goal in no time. Just remain positive and ignore what others think about you. You have to do what's best for Stef. If you want to eat that chocolate ice cream, do so. If you want to eat salad and exercise, do so. Live for Stef and not the person everybody wants you to be.

Stay beautiful!



Big Mark 243 said...

This is a great post and congrats on your weight loss.

You are so right about being small not necessarily meaning that someone is comfortable with their weight or self-image.

Reading Nique's comment along with your post, I can't help but say that y'all would not only be in my wheelhouse, but on the smaller end of the scale..!

In short, it is all about how you feel about yourself in spite of what people say... check out the new Fruit-of-the-Loom 'Fit For Me' commercials... are those girls not only pretty but sexy as well or what?

Keep up the good work and do your thing..!

Savannah said...

Good for you!!!


Heather said...

I'm Heather from your ww meeting :) thanks for sharing your site with us. Your are doing such a good job. Keep that motivation going & you will get to your goal :)

Unknown said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the ending of your post doll and completely agreed with you.
Congratulations on your 2 pounds and more to come for sure. You're such a beautiful lady inside out I can see that without ever meeting you face to face!!! You're awesome doll.

<3 Marina

Sara said...

Great job with the excellent progress! =)

And great post! i don't think there's such a thing as normal, because it varies within cultures and beliefs, I'm middle eastern and curvy girls are deemed gorgeous but I live here..in america -.- and thin models are what's gorgeous, so I say screw it, I am who I am =)

And you are who you are, and that's beautiful, blessed with curves and a wonderful personality!